How To Read Deleted Whatsapp Messages On Android

Whatsapp is the mostly and widely used social media. There we can send files and conversation. They rolled out with ‘Delete for every one’ feature. That can’t be seen after deleted. Report claims that messages actually saved in device. They store in device. Here we provide a simple steps to read that messages.

How To Read Deleted Messages

Article explains you about this issue that any one who wants to read that messages should use a third party app called ‘Notification History’.

Steps To Use It

  1. You need to first download app. You will find it in play store.
  2. Now enable notification log. If you don’t know, Go to widgets and click on activities and then click on settings and then in notification log. Then you can then access it.
  3. Your notification log is activated.

You can now see deleted messages. Click on deleted message and you will get notification and click on that. Message will displayed.

App is third party and it has restrictions to use it. First 100 characters of message is only visible and not more than 100. The feature is available for only android 7.0 and above it. Visitors can only see text but not any files.

It is useful feature for every one but when you want to see that deleted message it is an illegal but our intention is to see what message was that. So many people wants to know behind the deleted message.

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