How To Get Rid Of Dandruff | Home Remedies

Dandruff is an dead cells which are released from our body. They are formed when we feel more stress and sweaty. Dry skin is also main reason for dandruff. It may causes itching and greasy patches.

Well, there are many reasons for dandruff in your hair. Pollution is also one of the cause. Here we give you some home remedies which can cure your dandruff problems. Follow them regularly you will get good change in your future.

1. Apply Coconut Oil Regularly

Well coconut oil is one of the best remedy to cure dandruff.

Coconut oil prevent from hydration and keep you hair far from dryness which can reduce dandruff. It improves skin hydration proved by science.

Apply coconut oil for 8 weeks regular and 70% dandruff problem will reduced. Keep oil at night and sleep and go for head bath next day. That may remove you dandruff which is at bottom.

2. Mix With Coconut oil and lime:

This method is to cure dandruff when it is itching. Apply this mixture day before night when you go to head bath.

Take 2 spoons of heated oil(little bit). Heat oil about 1 min and keep it a side. Now take a lime and cut it to a half and slice it in heated oil. now mix it well. Apply it to your head nicely. Now left it for whole night and do head bath the next day.

Follow this regular you will see a drastic change. Do this for 2 times a week.

3. Reduce stress level

Stress is not only gives you dandruff. It is the main cause for many health problems. So don’t stress for every simple thing or work.

Stress does not creates dandruff but makes you itch and dry skin. Those two things are the main cause for dandruff. Stressed for long time may effect your immune system and immune system effected then there is no chance to body to fight with fungal infections.

So, reduce stress it may be helpful for every thing in your life.

4. Use Baking Soda

Science has proved that using baking soda can reduce your dandruff problem. Baking soda keeps fungal infections away and remove it.

Take a palm of baking soda and apply directly to your wet hair. Leave it for 1-2 minutes and wash it away. You can use shampoo after process done there is no harm. Try this for 3 weeks and you will see a change.

Baking soda found in our kitchen.It is not a rare component. try this one you will see instant change.

5. Take Omega-3s More

Omega-3s fatty acids improves your immunity system and make your skin oily. It not only helps in dandruff reduction but also helps to reduce inflammation.

This may reduce itching and dryness which prevents from dandruff.

You can found this more in fish like salmon.

Bottom line:

Do follow one method and continue it for weeks to see a change. Using them regularly definitely give you a drastic change. So follow them and comment back let me know hoe it helped you.

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