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Hair Growth food are not only remains you from hair loss but they also keep thickness to your hair. Hair Loss mostly common for the people who lives in polluted areas. There are many foods which can make you free from hair loss and get you grow you hair. It is difficult to maintain proper diet but to get healthy hair you should follow diet. For hair growth diet you are free to eat any kind of food but you should maintain the following food in every meal then only you will get a good result. Here we provided you some food which make you to help in hair growth. We have kept the list of food and there details.

Some Food For Hair Growth

Keep Eating Eggs:

Eggs are the most protein content food. Eggs contain vitamins like A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, E, Choline, biotin and Folic acid. Egg yolk play a crucial role in the growth of hair. Mixing egg yolk with olive oil will give you a good result in hair growth. Eat minimum one egg per a day which will make you a big difference in hair growth. People with oily hair should use only white egg and those people who have fry hair can apply whole egg.

Eating vegetables Like Spinach And Some Leafy Vegetables:
  1. Leafy vegetables good for hair growth. Apart from all leafy vegetables spinach has more protein and minerals like iron, manganese. Minerals will help your hair to grow fast and recover your hair loss. Eating spinach will reduce your hair loss. It will give sufficient minerals which are important for the strong hair. Make sure to eat spinach three or more times. It will definitely give a major difference in hair loss. The best way of eating spinach is by making into juice. Spinach juice contain iron which is more important for healthy hair. Some of the vegetables are: carrot, beetroot, mushrooms.
 Apply Citric Juices Like Lemon:

Lemon is the acidic form which will give you a instant result after using it. There are many way of using Lemon for hair. Mixing Lemon with coconut oil and apply to hair will decrease hair fall for sure. Applying lemon juice with almond oil is another method of using lemon juice. Not only it makes hair strong but also it will reduce dandruff problems. You can also use lemon juice with water and can apply to hair. It will reduce harshness of acidic nature.

Eat Fish More:

Fish is the another source for strong hair. It has more minerals which can make hair strong. Fish contain Omega-3 which acts as a main source of vitamin. Eat two or more times per week which can give you a best result for your hair.healthy food

Eat Fruits More :

Fruits like sweet potato, avocado, guava..etc contain more protein which can make your hair strong. When ever you feel hungry take fruits it will make you get more protein such that you can do more work. Fruits have more protein and minerals. Sweet potato, avocado,guava have the same minerals, proteins and vitamins which will make your hair strong from hair loss.

Grains , Nuts And Seeds Should Be More During Diet :

Grains like wheat should be more. Nuts and seeds should be taken when you are in diet. Make sure that nuts and seeds should be taken by soaking them for one full night. Keep seeds in a cloth and soak them full night and eat them as your breakfast.

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