Healthy Cool Drinks For Hot Summer

Get ready to face the hot sun with cool drinks. We found cool drinks with different flavors, but all of them all not healthy. They are less in quantity with more price. It consists of soda and chemicals which may damage your stomach. Better reduce them. Why don’t you prepare at your home?. Here are the Healthy cool drinks For hot summer.

Healthy Cool Drinks For Hot Summer:


Here is the first healthy drink ‘LEMONADE’. lemonade contains lemon, water and sugar. Lemonade can mostly done by everyone in summer but it can’t be maintained by everyone to any where, that’s the reason why people take chemical and soda drinks. In summer only water doesn’t give you enough energy to work in sun. By adding lemon to it it makes healthy and keeps you last long for more time. Lemon contains vitamin c which makes your body temperature cool for more time and reduce trustfulness.

How to make Lemonade:



  • 5 lemons
  • 2 cups water
  • 2 cups sugar

How to make?

  1. Cut lemon in to half and squeeze them until you get 5 to 10 spoons of juice.
  2. Add 2 cups of sugar to the lemon juice
  3. Add 2 cups of sugar
  4. You can add or garnish as your wish. Refrigerate it for half an hour and then take it when ever you feel thirsty.

2. Iced fruit Punch:

ice fruit punch

‘Iced Fruit Punch’ is small recipe which can be made with in 5 to 10 min of your time. here are steps to prepare iced fruit punch.

How To Make Iced Fruit Punch: 


*fruits like Strawberry, orange, pine apple, lemon.

*Ice cubes.

How to make?

Make the ice:

Take the ice from the frozen area in your refrigerator. You can add ice directly as a balls or you can crush them and can add them.

 Make the Punch:

Fill the 1/2 cup with ice. Now squeeze or grind the fruit from one of them which are above mentioned and add a small amount of ginger. mix them well. To look color full garnish with a fruit layer and serve.


Watermelon Slushie:

watermelon slushie

The combination of pomegranate juice and watermelon which make the body cool and give more power to do work in heavy sun.

How to Make?


  • Seedless Watermelon
  • pomegranate
  •  ice cubes
Making process:
  1. cut the watermelon and pomegranate and mix them. Grind them and keep a side.
  2. Now take an 1/2 cup of ice cubes in a glass and add the mixed liquid in the glass. Garnish them with a piece of lemon on the top. Now the juice is ready to serve.

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