Healthy Fish Types To Eat In Diet


Fish is an important protein to human body which plays an important role to reduce heart problems. Fish contains omega-3 fatty acids which are not produce by human body on there own, By eating fish they produce in our body and give essential fat to our body. the protein which are in fish are mainly useful to reduce heart diseases.

Eating fish will reduce this diseases but all type of fish are not useful. Heavy content of mercury, PCB’s in fishes cannot be eaten more. Fishes like shark, sword fish and tilefish  contain more mercury contamination. so only some fishes are more usefull to eat.

Here are some types of fishes which are useful to eat. 

Types of fishes which are useful for diet:


Salmon fish contains vitamins and minerals content more and useful for diet. Try this grilled salmon for good taste and use no oil. 

This salmon is of two types which are wild one and domestic one. Domestic one more cheaper than wild one. Domestic one contains less minerals than wild one. If you can spend some more money than wild one will be a best choice for dietText & Headings

2. COD

This fish is more in minerals and Vitamin B-12. This fish contains phosphorous, niacin and vitamin B-12 more. A slice of this fish contains 90 calories and 15 to 20 grams of protein.

Try this for better diet. It is benefit for people who are suffering from Diabetic heart condition 


Tuna is an ocean fish. It contains more amount of mercury and sodium. if people are seeking for more content of sodium of fish then tuna will be the best choice for them. a small slice of this fish will give your more amount of protein and a large amount of salt. Vitamin B12 and D is more in this fish

During diet take less amount of this fish. This will  be best choice for pregnant woman and children. 


Herring a another type of oily and salty fish. The content of vitamin and minerals are high in this fish. If the hemoglobin content is low in your body then herring will be a best choice to grow by eating this fish. 

Make sure to make this fish in your daily diet. the content of minerals will grow and build blood cell more. People who suffer from low hemoglobin they should use this fish to grow them up.

5. Wild Pollock

This wild fish contain more minerals and less fat. Minerals and vitamins like vitamin B-6 and B-12. Fat content is less which is best choice to reduce fat content in diet with high protein. Wild Pollock comes under oily fish.

Serve this with garlic which gives you good taste. 

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