Tea: Is It Good Or Bad |Reasons Behind It

Nothing can bring more refreshment than tea. Some think that tea is not good for health and it causes heart problems but it is not a truth. Tea is totally depend up on leaf from which it is getting. Good leaf cost will be more and using that there is no chance for any drawbacks. Non herbals tea are made up of leaves which consists of Camellia sinensis plant.

It has proven that tea protects your teeth and heart. It is also known that it cures cancer. Taking 2 cups are good but taking more than 4 cups are not good. More tea effect woman’s joint and gets pain at joints. Here are reasons why tea is good for you.

Tea Is Antioxidant:

Antioxidants which acts as rust to your face. It removes tan and any dust which are due to pollution. Antioxidants are present in tea and make you weight down. Along with antioxidants magnesium are also present in tea.

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Caffeine Content Is Less

There is less caffeine when compared to coffee. Caffeine is bit harm to heart so taking tea is better than coffee. If you are addicted to coffee and want to shift to tea than try some flavors in tea which tastes like coffee and then change it to normal. Tea gives more kick off from nasty conditions than coffee.

Tea Helps In Weight loss

Yes, you read correctly. Tea helps in weight loss. Some tea like green tea helps you a lot for weight loss. During diet green tea give you stamina and helps in reduce weight.

Tea Reduces Heart Problems

Tea helps to reduce heart attacks. A study found that taking green tea regularly decreased heart attack more than 20 percentage. People who take green tea more than 4 cups a day have totally reduced heart problems. Taking more green tea will lead you to go bathroom but it is not so essential to take 4 cups. Stress will be reduced and heart problems will be solved.

Tea Boosts Your Immunity system

Tea reacts with immune cell fast and boosts it. This will helps your body to reduce gems and remove it. Causing infections will be reduced.

So, i give you a suggestion that take tea instead of coffee. Tea will definitely gives you good refreshment while working. Taking green tea will give you many uses like reducing weight and reducing heart problems.

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