Health Benifits Of Beer | Reasons Beer is not Bad

Here are the reasons why beer is not so bad for health.

Note: This is not an encouragement to consume for people who suffer from bad medical condition

Beer Drinkers Live For Long Time:

Moderate drinking of beer is good. Too much of beer can get you some cancers and some diseases which you can go in to nasty conditions. According to studies it has found that moderate beer drinkers live longer who don’t drink. Drinking too much of beer is also a problem better keep a limit for drink. Beer has less alcohol compared to wine which is good to drink and drinking can get you reduce heart diseases and other heart problems. taking too much of beer may lead to liver damage so moderate
drink is better.

Beer Is Totally Natural

Beer built naturally which can be say that it is an orange juice. Fermented,preserved and then packed. Fruits like orange peel, grape and some other preserved and fermented and a little amount of alcohol is added to it. Amount of gas is more. So there is a possibility of getting stomach fat. Natural preservatives content is more.

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Beer Is Safer Than Water

If you see a bottle of water there is a lot of bacteria is present. But a beer is boiled and sealed and there is no bacteria is present. Beer can preserve for a long time where as water cannot preserved it may filled with bacteria. Even a bad beer is more good than water. There is no bacteria like pathogens will be present.

Beer Reduces Heart Problems

Wine is the least beneficial drink till now. Drinking wine has many negative feedback to doctors. Beer consist of some vitamins which will decrease heart diseases. According to study 24% of heart problems are solved with the help of moderate beer.

Beer Fights Cancer

The protein called Xanthohumol which helps to fight with cancer. It is mostly present in soy. Beer consist of soy and major content of that protein is high. so moderate beer can reduce cancer. Germans added more amount of soy in preparation of beer. They preferred beer so that it helps to reduce many of the people who suffer.

so i conclude that drinking beer is not a bad thing but drink in a limit. Twice a week is a better option with limit. You will boost your metabolism and reduce your health problems. so have a chill and drink in a limit.

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