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Asthma is a problem in which your airways narrow and swell produce extra mucus. It makes you difficult in breathing and gets severe cough. Asthma is a minor problem for some people but it is a severe problem for some people. Asthma symptoms vary from person to person  . For some people the symptoms only at certain times such as when they are doing exercises but some of them will have the symptoms all the time. Symptoms are such as

  • Difficult for breathing.
  • Makes trouble in sleeping due to cough, shortness of breath , wheezing.
  • Chest tightness or pain.
  • It causes a problem for respiratory system due to cough and cold.asthama

Food For Asthma Patient:

asthama food

Take Vitamin D and C More:

Eat leafy vegetables like spinach which contains more doses of vitamin c which controls wheezing in children. Eating boiled vegetables which contains more proteins and helps in healthy immune system. Eating vegetables like broccoli which are rich in antioxidants that helps you to eliminate free radicals from body and removing free radicals will give change in your body and can cure. For children who have asthma should take  vitamin D more which will help to cure asthma.

Good Sources Of Beta Carotene Taken Regular:

The Good sources of beta carotene are Carrots, Cantaloupe, sweet potatoes, broccoli. Beta carotene have more vitamin A  which is mainly used in woman and can cure asthma. Take a apple a day and which can keep asthma away. That will help for  good function of lungs.

Taking Magnesium High Foods:

Eating Magnesium rich foods like spinach, pumpkin seeds, dark-chocolate, chard and salmon which helps to improve magnesium levels in the body. High magnesium levels will reduce the asthma levels in your body.

Food To Avoided For Asthma Patients:

Asthma is an one of the dangerous disease which can’t cure immediately and it can also take the lives of the humans. Asthma patients should take necessary precautions from childhood so that they can cure soon.

  • Sulfites should take less in quantity. It is mostly found in wine, dried fruits, pickled food, maraschino cherries, shrimp, and bottled lemon and lime juice.
  • Coffee,tea should be less.

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