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Healthy Fish Types To Eat In Diet

OVERVIEW Fish is an important protein to human body which plays an important role to reduce heart problems. Fish contains omega-3 fatty acids which are not produce by human body on there own, By eating fish they produce in our body and give essential fat to our body. the protein which are in fish are

Healthy Cool Drinks For Hot Summer

Get ready to face the hot sun with cool drinks. We found cool drinks with different flavors, but all of them all not healthy. They are less in quantity with more price. It consists of soda and chemicals which may damage your stomach. Better reduce them. Why don’t you prepare at your home?. Here are

5 Healthy Foods for Heart | Healthy-Heart Food

  An healthy diet can be a good solution for the cardio logistic diseases and heart. To maintain problem free of cardio you should maintain good diet. The main problems in cardio is commonly heart attacks and heart strokes. The reason behind the heart attacks is the fat travels with blood and stores in the

Indian Famous Food Recipes | Indian Recipes

Indian food is completely specific when in comparison to different international locations. In North India, people select wheat and that they usually use chapatis and potatoes as their meals. In South India the most cultivated crop is rice and pulses. The crop is trade in unique places due to soil type, weather and occupation. Indian