Advantages And Disadvantages Of Social Media

Now a days no one on earth are there not knowing about social media. Everyone are using social media for good things and some bad things. Social media is an platform where many people use to communicate and send messages. They can also send files and documents with in less time.

This is the best platform for new talent. Now a days many people are came to a position and they achieved there dreams with out any help of other people like for achieving there dreams people who helps to achieve it. Well it has more advantages as well as disadvantages. Lets see them

Advantages of Social Media

  • It gives regular news around the world. You can get every news that can be from any where in the world.
  • It identify the crime and spreads to all over the world and necessary actions can be taken to it. Some one did mistake and captured, The captured video or photo is posted in social media then it definitely spreads and if it reaches to high command then necessary punishments will be taken.
  • It helps people to communicate with out any fee. People who are far away from hometown and hard to communicate then social media will help them to chat and get video conference.
  • Can share files and documents with in a fraction of seconds.
  • Social media will give review of newly released songs and movies.
  • People who maintain pages in social media will get huge benefits. Promotions and monetizing will give them money.
  • Up to date updates will be in there mobile or laptop.

Disadvantages Of Social Media

  • Trolling is one main disadvantage in social media. Celebrities cause this majorly. Only thing is just ignoring them is the best thing.
  • Harassment is another one. Some people harass and blackmail for there satisfaction. Better be aware from it.
  • Hacking is another cause. They can hack your account and disable it. Not only hacking but also they take your all details and loose your privacy.
  • Time killing is not so disadvantage but that can make you loose many important things. During exams social media will act like enemy for your studies.
  • It effects lifestyle. It make changes to your lifestyle. You may go to wrong way which is encouraged in social media.
  • Wasting time for simple things which gets no knowledge.
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