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An healthy diet can be a good solution for the cardio logistic diseases and heart. To maintain problem free of cardio you should maintain good diet. The main problems in cardio is commonly heart attacks and heart strokes. The reason behind the heart attacks is the fat travels with blood and stores in the heart. If fat form a layer in the heart then heart attack occur. Reason behind the fat storing in blood is excess of fatty foods. So, to maintain  an healthy life people should follow the healthy food. Weight is the crucial factor which acts for the problem of heart attacks. Avoiding heavy food is the best cure for the heart problems maintain weight according to your height. Smoking is also some cause for the heart attacks. Running can be part for the healthy heart .Here are the 10 healthy food list for good heart.

Healthy Food For Heart

  1. Eat Fish More : healthy food

    Fish is high in important protein. It has important nutrients and proteins which is good for your heart. The people who eat regular fish seems to get less heart attacks than who eat less. Fish and fish products are have more vitamin D which is use full to the decrease of heart attacks. Not only to the heart, Fish will increase your vision of eyes. To increase your omega-3 in your body you should eat once or twice a week. Fish may lower your risk of heart attacks and heart strokes.

  2. Nuts :

    nuts healthy for heartEating nuts is not only gives a healthy heart but also gives you heavy vitamins. Nuts used for the weight loss which is more important in reducing heart attacks. They are not so expensive to use and can take them during snacks and whenever you feel hungry. Mostly Omega-3 found in fish and nuts. Nuts like almond, cashew, ground nuts…etc play a high role in decreasing heart attacks. Eating more nuts will reduce the infections. so, Nuts will definitely reduce the heart problems.

  3. Oats :

    Oats are the another way to make heart healthy. Taking oats as your meal will make you to feel good and no fat will be present. Oats are high in soluble fiber which help you to decrease hungriness for long time. It is heavy in protein. mixing oats with banana make give you high protein which can reduce fat and heart attacks.

  4. Red Wine :

    red wineRed Wine is confirmed that it can cure heart attacks by scientists. It can’t cure totally but it will play a role in reducing heart attacks. Taking it once a week is good for the health. Some antioxidants substance are present in the Red wine which helps you to prevent heart diseases.

  5. Tomatoes And Spinach :

    Tomato is high in vitamin C and vitamin A. Potassium and fiber is more in tomato. Combination of nutrients present in the tomato play a main role in decreasing the heart attacks and heart strokes.

Spinach :

spinach which is rich in vitamins and proteins. Avocado and spinach have the nutrients to decrease the heart attacks. Another thing in this vegetable is, It has less cholesterol which is good for the heart patients. 

6. Chocolate :

Apart from all the foods this is an another type of dessert which is more use full in the reduction of heart attacks. Chocolate contain another type of cocoa which is more use for the heart patients. The another last point is chocolate should taken by the heart patients for once a week.




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